School Year Curriculum:

During the school year Gracious Hands Preschool uses the following tools to teach your children:

Group Time - Reading books out loud, singing songs, practicing the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. We also learn about different terms related to the weather and calendar.

If you wish, your child can participate in the Early Beginnings Preschool art program, which encompasses education and art. The cost for this is $16.00 per month.



Summer Time Curriculum:

During the summer months children of school age are issued a workbook from the Summer Bridge activity book series. The level of the book is generally the grade the child will be going in to. These books not only ready the children for the coming school year, but they also keep the children in a learning mode so they retain more of what they have already learned in school.

In addition to the activity books Gracious Hands Preschool works with the children to improve their spelling.


Year Round Activities:

Walks/Field Trips - Weather permitting I take the children on several walks to the park as well as field trips to places like the Zoo.

Cooking - The children, if they wish, are included in the preparation of lunch and snack. By helping prepare meals the children learn to work together as a team, which helps them develop communication and problem solving skills.



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